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  • Casey Bell

Did You Know? Castle Square's Deep Energy Retrofit

Solar panels on the renovated Castle Square Apartments

Back in 2012, CSTO and Winn Companies, along with the aid of several partners, organized the nation's largest "deep energy retrofit" on Castle Square Apartments. The "deep energy retrofit" saves over 50% of the building's energy usage, and the process involved many steps, including the addition of a light "shell" covering the entire original building (which acts as insulation), the installation of solar panels, the renovation of units with energy efficient appliances, and more.

Castle Square Aparments before the "deep energy retrofit"

Castle Square Apartments in the midst of the "deep energy retrofit"

Through significant support from many partners, including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Green Retrofit Program and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, Castle Square utilized the most advanced building science to guide the renovation of a 500-unit affordable housing complex in one of Boston's premier neighborhoods. For more information on Castle Square's deep energy retrofit, please visit

We were pleased to receive LEED Platinum Certification as of October 2012. This achievement is the highest available certification from the US Green Building Council.

After the "deep energy retrofit"!

LEED, standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, was founded in 2000 by the U.S. Green Building Council and provides building owners and operators with an internationally recognized green building standard. For more information, please visit

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