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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, all of whom are current residents of Castle Square, governs CSTO and oversees the organization’s Executive Director. Reflecting the demographics of the community, our Board conducts bi-weekly meetings and takes on additional work that is split into four committees: Program Advisory; Monthly Tenant Management Committee meetings; Affordable Housing Development; and Community Events/Marketing.


CSTO Board Members

lily ms chen.jpg

Ann Moy, President

Occupation - Boston Public School Teacher

Affiliations - Chinese Progressive Association, Inc., Chinatown Land Trust.


Terrance Woolfork, Vice President

Occupation - Fitness Instructor

Volunteer: CSTO Summer Youth Basketball League

Affiliations - Blackstone After School Program, Ellis Memorial, South End Boys Club, Mass Half Way House For Troubled Teens, NAACP.


Yvonne Holmes, Treasurer

Occupation - Retired 


Lily Seeto, Director

Occupation – Retired

Volunteer - Ballroom Instructor and CSTO Event Planner

Affiliations - Brookline & Quincy Senior Service Centers.


Hui Ling Chen, Director

Occupation - Retired

 Volunteer – Senior Program Event Planner, Tufts School of Medical Center, Chinese Progressive Association.


Nhi Le Tang, secretary

Occupation - Student, CSTO Event Planner.  


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